Circular economy

We strive to continually optimise our production processes to reduce the amount of production waste. The majority of this waste is recycled and, where possible and specifically requested by our customers, used as a substrate in the form of recyclate.

Minimising CO2 emissions

We have taken innovative measures to optimise energy consumption and use resources more efficiently. For example, the waste heat from our compressors is used to heat the office complex and tool shop. In addition, all our lighting has been converted to energy-efficient LED technology to ensure sustainable power consumption.

Working together for a sustainable future!

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Circular economy and reduction of CO2 at WSF Kunststofftechnik GmbH


As an active contribution to the energy revolution, we have installed advanced photovoltaic systems on all our roofs. This will enable us to generate up to 50% of our electricity and energy needs from renewable sources. This investment underlines our commitment to sustainable energy and the responsible use of our resources.

Use of well water

On our agenda is the use of well water for our extrusion cooling processes. This innovative solution allows us to conserve precious drinking water resources while ensuring the necessary cooling processes.

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